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Our Slack team is where we collaborate. We do follow some guidelines using Slack.

Do not open a new channel without a discussion. You can have such discussions on #admin-room

Allow time to respond and use @channel to bring to attention.

Channels that will help you navigate this slack

#general – Everyone is basically part of this channel.

#wordpress-doubts – WordPress related doubts on the software not events

#admin-room – Discuss changes to our rules, ideas and creations of new Slack channels.

For Meetups

  • #meetup – Discussions and planning meet ups in Mumbai and possible Thane.
  • #meetup-copy – Content for meet ups that are planned. Photos from Meetup – Share links to photos instead of sharing large image files here.

For WordCamps

  • #wordcamp2018 – Discussions on WordCamp next year for 2018
  • #wordcamp2018-org – Meeting room for WordCamp 2018 organisers
  • #wordcamp2018-copy – Meeting room for WordCamp 2018 Content team
  • #wordcamp2018-design – Meeting room for WordCamp Design team
  • #wordcamp2018-support – Support issues around WordCamp 2018


#mobileapp – Discussion and collaboration around the mobile app for WordCamps

#do_action – Discussion and collaboration around planning a do_action event in Mumbai.

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